That's me. That's my homepage.

caricature Lukas Prokop

Digitally, my name is meisterluk or prokls. Civically, my name is Lukas Prokop. I am a passionate software developer.

In my leisure time, I spend time with typography and typesetting. These days, I am learning Hebrew as my next writing system. But due to my year 2016/17 in Japan, I spent a lot of time with the Japanese language and writing system (Kanji) in the past. Related to this, I am an Aikido student. Furthermore I am a mathematics student at University of Graz.

Since Dec 2017 I run my own company, typed;software.

I exist online since 2007 and my thoughts can be tracked via twitter. Hopefully, my weblog will be active soon again. On this webpage you will find content I like to share with the general public.