Hochstuhl Klettersteig Bewanderung

Heute habe ich einmal den Hochstuhl bestiegen. Ich hatte erstmalig ein Geschirr beim Klettersteig ausprobiert (an manchen unguten Stellen kann eine Sicherung sehr vorteilhaft sein 😉 ). Der Aufstieg über den Klettersteig war das schönste. Am Gipfel war es höllisch stürmisch und der Abstieg dauerte verdammt lang. Am Ende konnte ich aber keine ausgeprägten Blasen an den Füßen bemerken. Anbei finden sich die Photos:

Hochstuhl Besteigung Kar beim Zustieg Blickrichtung Gipfel

Hochstuhl Abstieg mit sehr unangenehme Untergrund

Hochstuhl Abstieg Blickrichtung Gipfel

Hochstuhl Abstieg

Plötzlich grünes Gras beim Hochstuhl Abstieg

Hochstuhl Klettersteig Bewanderung

A bad example of university work

Just a small rant about bad work at university.

In this course all materials we had to learn was transcribed in the slides itself. Learning got really annoying. Sometimes we did not even know what the author intended to express with some word as far as it is used in a different context in difference to eg. Wikipedia. Yes, I attended all (except one) lectures and yes, I did not recognize that this word on the slide will raise some question in future times. However, the thing I am most annoyed at: The only thing the professors have to care about are the slides and they still suck. In conclusion, there were 10 lectures with 617 slides. Following is a list of errors excluding errors with capitalization and “BE vs AE”:

  • “the ability of employees to use their knoweldge for actions”
  • “Fore each Knowledge Area:”
  • “How much of this in Internet?”
  • “Needs of the Information Scociety”
  • “Effect of data errors? sensitiv / insensitiv”
  • “Knowledge spaces represent common characteristis of a set…”
  • “Models based on Set Theory: Boolian Retrieval”
  • “Formulation of a the need for information”
  • “struktur, layout, content”
  • “Imput with a microphone”
  • “Intuitiv & easy to understand”
  • “Transitivity? Assymetrie?”
  • “… better enbaling computers and people to work in cooperations”
  • “Publikation of data together with underlying structures”
  • “Bottom-up approch”
  • “What are the differences Tags and Semantic Annotations?”
  • “Semantic Web für Social Software”
  • “How do organizational sturctures fit together?”
  • “Properties/Capabilities of particular von learners and goals.”
  • “Learning methods to achieve the goald”
  • “Core of adaptiven systems”
  • “implicit wiht log-data only”
  • “about the design of adaptiven learning systems”
  • “Work-integrated larning is part of knowledge management”
  • “Web-bases learning environments”
  • “administration of examiniation tools”
  • “Is learning itself really in the forground?”
  • “Resource that can be used”
  • “Spectrum of properties (e.g. file formats, color sprectrum)”
  • “requires access to a wider range of ongoing activitiey”

</rant> Sorry.

A bad example of university work