My PHP Rant

Writing a lot of PHP source code in the last years, I got more and more annoyed by PHP recently. I assumed it would be a good idea to sum up my thoughts and collect all the stuff that annoyed me while writing source code. I ended up writing an article about PHP called Why I dislike PHP and introduced the snippets section at my website.

Whoever is too lazy to read the whole article, just check out the linked code snippets. It might give you a feeling about my rationale. I’m happy for some feedback whoever has some experience with PHP.

Fun fact: I thought some of the examples—like list() in foreach—were pretty weird ideas by myself. But after writing the article and searching for discussions about PHP, I found discussions about these aspects by core developers.

Associated with this document, I have to announce that I want to discard most PHP projects I am currently working on. I am looking forward to developing with python in the web and I think this might work out (I might be interested in ruby on rails and node.js too; some day). As far as projects are concerned I am the only developer, I will mostly try to get the remaining source code running stable and reliable, but I am looking for a future without PHP.

My PHP Rant

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