gdi_doc project release 1.0

More than one year ago, I started to write [de-AT, 10.2012] documents for students explaining contents of the lecture more precisely. I was (and am) tutor in the corresponding practicals course. Because a script was promised to be released every year, but did not get published, I decided to participate in this project and write my own script for the course (existing content was much too unstructured IMHO).

Last year I merged contents I have written spontaneously and documents I created during the practicals. This happened just before Dec when this document got important. I sent it to the professor. He refused to release it as official course script. I was pretty sure that this decision was the right one and I acknowledge it today. The document was not ready to be released.

This year I started late (in October instead of summer), but put a lot of effort into this document. I dumped a lot of contents, I wrote missing chapters and I did a lot of revisions. Finally on 19th of Nov 2013 I sent an email to the professor that I recommend my new version of this script. He did not reply yet, however I did prepare it for a final release and so here we are:

Grundlagen der Informatik, Version 1.0 “möbius” [PDF, 655 KB, de-AT, 11.2013]

Some important remarks:

  • The source code is available on github and I am striving for student participation. This is why the document is released in Public Domain.
  • Currently only a german version is available. An english version will be supported once a certain level of maturity is achieved.
  • For any bug you find, I am giving away 2.56€. This includes bugs in regards of content (eg. wrong production rules for a formal grammar) and bugs in grammar (everything regarding German language). Of course this is inspired by Knuth’s reward checks. Please be aware that it’s my own decision what fulfills the criteria of a bug. But my intention is to encourage people in improving the document.
gdi_doc project release 1.0