Project nihon ni ryuugakusei

Starting with October 2016 I am going to Japan for 1 year with my girlfriend. Both of us got granted a student’s exchange year at the same place.

  • I will attend classes as a math undergraduate.
  • She attends classes as a math graduate student.
  • I just took my first Japanese classes this February.
  • She has more experience with the Japanese language (5 courses).
  • Our studies will be financed by the University of Graz and University of Kōbe. The funds cover the difference in living costs between Austria and Japan (housing will be more expensive in Japan). Thanks to all those institutions!
Schedule until then
  • Find appropriate classes I can attend at Kōbe University and ask for future recognition
  • I will try to finish my first and (coming) second semester in Mathematics. And finish my computer science master’s degree at TU Graz.
  • I will try to get my second course in Japanese during the summer term.
  • I will apply for a summer job for 2 months (July & August).
  • With September things get real. I will no longer live in my flat in Graz.
  • On 3rd of October we will have our first regular day at Kōbe University [math department].
  • I will return to Austria in August 2017 at the earliest (exams take place in July and August in Japan). It seems financially dull [to me] to come back to Austria at any point in time during this year.
Related work until then
  • Suspend participation in local associations (GLT, Aikikai Graz, not sure about LaTeX@Graz)
  • Reduce the amount of physical stuff I have here in Graz, store it somewhere and move out of the flat
  • Lots of planning with her – thanks sweety!
Being in Japan
  • My main focus one year abroad will be on Japanese writing, Japanese language, math and typesetting.
  • Japanese classes will be very appropriate as they are designed for exchange students with various Japanese skills. But math classes will give me a hard time. All appropriate classes for me are in Japanese.
  • I need to do at least 30 ECTS. The usual amount of ECTS per year at universities is 60 ECTS.
  • I will try to attend Aikidō classes there. Getting into a real Dōjō is supposedly difficult. But it should be easy to get into the Kōbe university Aikido club.
  • We will use the awesome train network in Japan to get around.
  • We will keep you informed about information channels, so you can reach us. But we need to organize that in the coming months.

So again: Where is Kōbe? We are close to Ōsaka, to the west (a bit to the south) of Tokyō. It takes us 3 hours with Shinkansen to get to Tokyō. And for those of you who actually cared to read that much, I have that one for you:

The Austrian flag at the Kōbe exchange programme website

Figure 1. The Austrian flag at the Kōbe exchange programme website

This is truly a great opportunity for us!
Thanks for the support we received 🙂

Project nihon ni ryuugakusei

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