Time management, an analysis

This semester I consciously decided to reduce my number of courses I take. As far as academic work is concerned I need to focus on finishing the first and second semester and finish my master thesis. I reduced the amount of work in associations, I do not take some law course (oh, that’s been some while!) and I don’t take any courses of higher semester.

I wanted to discuss the amount of time I want to invest into something. I fixed holes in my schedule and organized remaining time. I have several categories and every category as a minimum amount of time I invest per week. Good opportunity to document that for future reference:

  • I consider 16 hours per day productive. So I have 8 hours of sleep per day.
  • I invest 42.5 hours per week in attending lectures, tutorials, meetings, visiting the Aikido dojo and quality time.
  • 69.5 hours are left. How do I use them?

There are 10 categories:

programs I want to release, watch tutorials/videos, publishing content
old courses I need to finish (exams, submissions)
course Analysis 2 and everything related
course Linear Algebra 2 and everything related
course Foundations of Mathematics
master thesis:
releasing subprojects for my master thesis, writing thesis document
course Japanese Language and everything related
learning Japanese on my own (especially Aikido & math)
exchange student year organization
upcoming Grazer Linuxtage – graphics work

And how much time do I invest into each category at minimum?
This sums up to 34 hours and I have 69.5 hours available, so this is flexible on purpose.
But it gives a relative measure for future reference:

project 3 hours per week
university 4 hours per week
A2 5 hours per week
LA2 4 hours per week
FOM 1 hours per week
master thesis 8 hours per week
JAP 3 hours per week
日本語 3 hours per week
日本 2 hours per week
GLT16 1 hours per week
Time management, an analysis

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