Setup a Japanese keyboard on xubuntu 16.04 with mozc

Written on 2017-10-18 in 164 words. Part of Linux writing-systems

  1. "Settings" / "Language support" / "Install / Remove Languages…​" and add a checkmark for Japanese and finish the installation triggered

  2. "Settings" / "Language support" / "Keyboard input method system" must be set of "fcitx"

  3. Close the window

  4. Log out of the operating system session (or simply reboot).

  5. "Settings" / "Keyboard" / "Layout" / "Use system defaults" must be untoggled. Then "Add" "Japanese (Kana)" as Keyboard layout

  6. Close the window

  7. "Settings" / "Fcitx Configuration" / "Input method". Click "+" and untoggle "Only Show Current Language" and choose "Mozc …​ Japanese". Remember the order of the entries you make (potentially only the Japanese one, hence there is no order)

  8. "Settings" / "Fcitx Configuration" / "Addon". Choose "Input method selector" and select "Configure". At the "GlobalSelector" tab you can assign keys how to switch between the first/second/…​ input method (I told you to remember the order!). Click on the left button and press the desired trigger. Or press <Escape> to remove the previous trigger.

  9. Finished.