Austrian Power Grid data

Written on 2018-08-11 in 120 words. Part of data

I was invited to participate in a small excursion to an electric power transformation station in Sankt Peter-Freienstein, Styria, Austria. At this occasion, I was given a promotion flyer providing some data about APG, the Austrian Power Grid company. This company is owned by 100% by the Verbund AG, Austria's electric utility.

Revenue 541,400,000 EUR
Employees 450
Grid length 6977 km
… with 380 kV 2578 km
… with 220 kV 3216 km
… with 110 kV 1183 km
Number of poles ~12,000
Distribution stations 63
Transformation output 26,480 MVA
Yearly power exchange between ENTSO-E members 440 TWh
Yearly power consumption of ENTSO-E members 3,310 TWh

I think it is interesting to how some facts about the Austrian power infrastructure.