RegEx in practice

This is a page dedicated to my talk "RegEx in practice". It is meant to illustrate how to apply regular expressions in practical usecases and tries to resolve confusions about them.

Thanks for that much participation. I updated the slides for the 6 errors. One other bug I discovered: I claimed a group which did not match is returned in python as empty string. No, it is actually None.

TitleRegEx in practice
DateThu, 27th of Nov 2014, 18:00–20:00
LocationAustria, Graz, Infeldgasse 25D, i7
LecturerLukas Prokop


This is a technical talk and focuses on some aspects of practical computer science. It will focus on advanced elements of regular expressions.


Slides as PDF and slides archive


Want to see how I apply regular expressions in practice? Do you remember that faulty turingmachine visualization? It did not support Chrome so far, because -webkit- prefixed CSS instructions are missing. I fixed that problem using regular expressions. I am using the following command in vim:

In the selected area ('<,'>), replace (s/search/replace/g) the animation attribute and its value (\([^;]\+\); escaped for vim) with itself (&) and its webkit-prefixed version ( -webkit-&). The grouping can actually be omitted. In the second regular expression I duplicate all instructions and replace @keyframes with @-webkit-keyframes.