My experience report with i3wm

✍️ Written on 2019-07-10 in 229 words. Part of cs software-development Linux usability

I used i3wm over 5 months in 2019 (January to May).

  • Sometimes i3 cuts the bottom line of the browser. So the input field for the "Console" (part of the Web Developer toolbar) is not visible.

  • Assume you are in stacked layout, have only one window and this is VirtualBox. It captures all keyboard events. ALL keyboard events. So even if the mouse is outside the window area, the events are caught. Thus, you always need to have any second window such that you can move your mouse outside VirtualBox and click on it to regain focus outside VirtualBox.

  • I cannot move Firefox tabs between Firefox windows among the same or different virtual desktops

  • Neo2 cursor keys don’t work

  • Whenever a GIMP window regains focus, ‘Toolbox’ and ’Layers‘ are placed centered and thus blocks the image view

  • Whenever GIMP has focus, ‘Toolbox’ and ’Layers‘ are separate two windows shown in the taskbar. When GIMP loses focus, those windows disappear and number of windows decreases by 2

  • A small window has several buttons. Clicking some button opens a larger window covering the smaller window. I move the mouse and focus is forwarded to the larger window. The smaller window is covered and focus cannot be regained via mouse.