Lukas Prokop


I am Lukas Prokop. I am a passionate software developer. I am currently employed at KNAPP AG as software developer, but I am also self-employed. I have a bunch of hobbies like Aikidō.

I have grown up at times when developers stopped creating their own websites. I liked the idea back then and still support it.

Civil profile §

name Lukas Prokop
transcriptions Luca Prokop (fr)
プロコップ・ルーカス (ja)
לקשׂ פּרכּפּ (he)
루카스 프러커프 (ko)
Лукас Прокоп (ru)
لوکاس پروکُپ (fa)
Luko Prokop (eo)
Lɤkʌs Pɾokop̪ (IPA)
citizenship Austrian
diet vegetarian (no meat, no fish)
religion agnostic
std. keyboard layout Neo2
sports Aikidō (合気道), invite me for anything else
housing currently in Graz
main occupation worker
alma mater University of Technology Graz, University of Graz
pronouns he/him

Digital profile 1 §

nickname meisterluk
context any, esp. software development
avatar meisterluk Avatar

Digital profile 2 §

nickname prokls
context education

Digital profile 3 §

nickname tajpulo
nickname source Esperanto: typing person
context typesetting
avatar tajpulo Avatar

Things, I enjoy[ed] in my life §

musical instruments
  • recorder (2 years)
  • piano (3 years)
  • saxophone (8 years, jazz & classical)
  • jazz (styles related to Kind of Blue)
  • electroswing (Parov Stelar, Caravan Palace)
TV seriesSherlock, The Simpsons, The BigBang Theory
AnimePokémon, Dragonball, Detektiv Conan (1–1102)
  • “Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of Baskerville”
  • Simon Singh's “The Code Book”
  • Donald Knuth's “The Art of Computer Programming“
  • Feb 2007 – Aug 2016, since August 2019 private weblog
  • Sep 2016 – Jul 2017 blog about our Japan year
  • Jun 2008 – Jul 2009 BRG Viktring Blog
  • … afterwards, the question arises whether this website with articles is a weblog
  • German (mother tongue)
  • English (fluent)
  • Esperanto (B1)
  • Japanese (~A2)
  • A1: French, Hebrew, Korean, Russian
  • Czech (none) as a reference to the fact that my surname is of Czech origin
  • Chaosradio Express
  • New rustaceans
  • Cryptography.FM
  • Omegatau
  • kern.punkto
Youtube channels

Curriculum Vitae §

Filter by: education work club leisure

1997–2000 Volkschule 13 Annabichl
2001–2008 BRG Viktring, focus on music
1999–2000 lessons in recorder Musikschule Feldkirchen
2000–2008 classical saxophone at BRG Viktring
2003–2007 jazz saxophone Musikschule St. Veit
2007–2008 jazz saxophone conservatorium Klagenfurt Michael Erian
2006 jazzdays Wolfsberg (Herwig Gradischnig)
2008 regular visits of lectures at university of Klagenfurt (“Introduction to computer science”)
2008 Jun First Cambridge Certificate (grade C)
2009–2010 participation of “Treffpunkt Mathematik” (organized by Gerhard Hainscho)
2009 Jul Matura (i.e. roughly “A levels”), thus end of school
2009 Jul minor jobs as sailor (Wörthersee) and programmer
2009 Aug – 2010 Aprcivilian service at Red Cross Klagenfurt
2009 Sep emergency assistant examination passed
2010 Apr Grazer Linuxtage 2010 (angel)
2010 May – 2010 Sepvolunteer at Red Cross Klagenfurt
2010 May job as sailor
2010 Jul emergency swimmer assistant exam passed
2010 Sep matriculation at TU Graz (SEBM, CS)
2011 Apr Grazer Linuxtage 2011 (angel)
2011 regular visits and giving talks at PyGraz (local Python programming language community)
2011 Jul–Sep internship at a local company for webdevelopment PHP webdev Zend Framework IPv4
2011 WT tutor (FOCS) automaton theory formal grammars complexity theory
2012 Apr Grazer Linuxtage 2012 (angel)
2012 Aug summer job as python programmer Flask git-python
2012 WT tutor (FOCS)
2013 Feb membership LaTeX@TUG
2013 Mar TUG Member (TeX User Group)
2013 Apr Grazer Linuxtage 2013 (angel)
2013 Feb 1st attendance of a coursera course (Georgia University of Technology)
2013 WT tutor (FOCS)
2014 membership Aikikai Graz (local club for martial arts / budō)
2014 Feb internship as python programmer GUI testing python-dogtail Test Anything Protocol
2014 Mar membership DruckZeug (local printing and typesetting community)
2014 Apr Grazer Linuxtage 2014 (angel)
2014 Jul bachelor degree in Computer Science
2014 Jul–Aug internship as Java programmer JUnit ECC
2014 Aug – 2016 Junmembership freefutureforce (community maintaining event location)
2014 Sept membership Grazer Linuxtage (association to support FLOSS soft- and hardware)
2014 WT tutor (FOCS)
2015 Jan CEPT exam passed (radio amateur exam/license)
2015 Apr bachelor degree in Software development and Business Management
2015 Apr Grazer Linuxtage 2015 (co-organizer)
2015 Jul – 2019 Sepregular visits and giving talks at GoGraz (local Go programming language community)
2015 Jul development of an XML interface (1 month project-based employment) python XML XSLT postgresql
2015 Sept migration/update of a Django web application (1 week) python django docker
2015 Nov next release for the XML interface (0.5 months) python XML postgresql
2015 Oct registration as math student (KFU Graz)
2016 Apr Grazer Linuxtage 2016 (co-organizer, graphics work)
2016 Oct – 2017 SepMathematics Exchange student @ Kobe University, Japan
2017 Dec – 2020 Aprself-employed software developer, “typed;software”
2018 Apr Grazer Linuxtage 2018 (co-organizer)
2019 Apr Grazer Linuxtage 2019 (co-organizer)
2019 Jul 1st dan Aikikai Aikidō (i.e. black belt)
2019 Jul starting a regular talk series at RustGraz (local rust programming language community)
2019 Oct researcher at University of Technology, Graz, IAIK institute
2020 Apr Grazer Linuxtage 2020 (co-organizer, but cancelled due to Covid-19)
2020 Jul terminated my self-employment
2020 Sep took over lead of Grazer Linuxtage
2020 Oct switched contract project assistant → university assistant
2021 Apr Grazer Linuxtage 2021 digital (organizer)
2021 Sep joined Esperanto club Austria
2021 Dec aborting PhD studies, end university assistant contract
2022 Apr Grazer Linuxtage 2022 (organizer)
2023 Jun employee KNAPP AG
2023 Feb trainer in an Aikidō course at KNAPP AG
2023 Apr Founder of an Austrian digital typesetting club
2023 Sep membership freefutureforce (cultural club)

About my focus and goals §

Started in 2006, I tried to learn HTML & CSS by studying the source code of my brother's website. In addition I learned PHP in december to support the webmaster team of our school communication platform. This way I learned about databases (MySQL in particular), clientside Javascript and software in general. As a result, I had lots of project ideas and spent my whole leisure on various ideas based on this web platform.

I found interest in algorithmic problems. So I learned about math, data structures and other computer science related stuff. I recognized that learning a different programming language might help me in understanding further programming concepts: I decided to learn python. Python really made me love a programming language to the bottom of my heart. API design and alike can be done so beautifully in python. python also opened my eyes to other programming paradigms such as functional programming.

In July 2009 my time at school ended with my Matura and I was sure about studying computer science. However, in Austria we have to go either to the army for half a year or attend a civilian service for 9 months. For me, the second was the better option and I became an emergency assistant with 1 month of training. Beside the work, I continued my interest in software and finished some old projects. However, time was limited since my work was pretty stressful. Between civilian service and my studies I did different small jobs and volunteered at the Red Cross (continuing my time as emergency assistant). At this point, computer science was not really the thing I spent most time on.

When beginning my studies, I was able to regain focus on my field of interest. I can totally see that university is not something all programmers enjoy, however for me, it was a challenging time and I tend to grow with challenges. Simply put, I learned a lot of technical concepts and their properties, which helped me to survive in a field of short knowledge expiration time. In the final years, I focused on IT security and algorithm theory.

My CS time at university ended in 2016 and one month later I was in Japan. As mathematics exchange student, I was chosen to spend 1 year at Kobe university. Even though I spent one year with mathematics already in Austria and I was registered as math student, I completely focused on the Japanese writing system and the Japanese language. Studying mathematics without Japanese skill was kind of impossible, thus I moved my focus on linguistics. One year of intense learning was fun and refreshing.

Back in Austria, I considered founding my own company as the best way to continue. However due to bureaucracy, I also ended up registering myself as student again. And I really began to see the beauty in mathematics. I have to admit that my mathematical skills are really just average, but persistence and hard work made me continue. As I spent half the time on my company and half the time in math classes, I somehow managed to enjoy two beautiful sides of life: programming and math.

And what is my goal? I believe becoming a good programmer can be achieved by studying technical concepts, analyzing underlying structures and practicing good design. My goal is to write software of high quality, I am confident with. At the end of the day, I want to write good typesetting software and understand thoughts and writings by Don Knuth. My typho project is one implementation to improve the current state of the art of this field

Thank you §

Some people made my life especially beautiful. I prefer not to put names here without their consent, so I describe their role:

My supporting parents, my supporting brother[s], organizer of "Treffpunkt Mathematik" (ToM), my inspiring CS teacher in high school, all the people making the Python project possible, many awesome colleagues I got to know at university, many inspiring teachers at university, two seniors at university inspiring me to pursue a degree in math, many welcoming friends I met in university Aikidō class, friends and teachers in the Aikidō club, cool Japanese friends in Kōbe, the person I spent 3.5 years with, inspiring teachers in Japan, many people showing good working ethics in the FLOSS community, the one and only Don Knuth, as well as my loving koramikino.

… and this list is non-exhaustive. Many others are not mentioned. Actually the majority might not be visible to me (or do you know who assembled your favorite device, you use everyday?). I just think it is worth making some tribute in this—sometimes despiteful—world.