Movie review: “Big Fish” (2003)

✍️ → Written on 2020-06-06 in 240 words. Part of media

On 2020-06-06, I watched “Big Fish” (2003). As a typical Tim Burton movie, it features colorful, fantasy clothings, narrator-focused perspective switches, and dark/abandon-themed sceneries. The atomsphere is quickly changing between the different settings and due to the fantasy context, I often disassociated myself with character’s emotions. The main topic of the movie is death and resolving the beforehand distant relationship between Will Bloom (the son) and Edward Bloom (the father).

The big catfish is a metaphorical element accompanying the movie line. Essentially, the movie is about Will falling out with Edward considering his stories (Edward is considered a storyteller) as false. After 3 years, Edward is suffering from cancer threatening his life and Will comes to visit him. Will recalls all the stories of Edward’s life and learns about his experiences. He starts to identify with his father and finds peace with him.

I guess, the movie teaches about understanding and empathy for other people. Even though you don’t understand or relate to the thoughts and actions of others, you don’t have to abandon them. You should consider this as opportunity to widen your horizon and expand your theory of mind. I also enjoyed the representation of determination. Edward is superdetermined to be with his love, Sandra. Even though such elements are far from reality, movies give you the opportunity to remind you of such feelings and reconsider choices in life.