Introduction to rust and its memory safety

✍️ Written on 2020-09-16 in 243 words.
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“I heard rust is interesting and I want to learn it, but I don’t have time”. This is a common statement I heard when talking about rust. More than one year ago, I started giving monthly talks on RustGraz to introduce as many people as possible to rust. My goal was to cover all rust book content within 1 year while studying rust myself. According to my estimate, I will be finished by the end of this year.

The talk

  1. Fri, 2020-09-18 16:00

  2. OBS Studio will collect audio, slide screen and video of my talk

  3. OBS Studio will record the content and stream it to youtube

Following live:

  1. The link is distributed internally and to selected people

  2. Questions can be asked after the talk, online. A session chair will pick questions from the internet.


  1. At IAIK, the youtube link will be distributed afterwards

  2. If the OBS Studio recording is successful, the recording will become available in this blogpost