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I study Esperanto on Duolingo. I built up some basic vocabulary and try to explore more details of the languages now. As a result, I looked into Esperanto resources.


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Listening and Watching


Meet people via Amikumu, meetup, or other local organizations.


See also List of Esperanto periodicals. And also there are plenty of books written in Esperanto (follow the names of writers below).


Same as speaking. If you want someone to proofread your text, you can use e.g. lang-8 (is actually language-agnostic).

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Android apps

Learn Vocabulary


See also: Esperanto on DMOZ

Regional in Austria/Graz

Global Esperanto institutions

Questions and answers

Territories with Esperanto as official language

Original works, Zamenhof resources


Esperanto has a long and rich history and is still lively today.
You are familiar with Esperanto? Enjoy some of the resources above.
You are new to Esperanto? Read some quotes on Esperanto for entertainment.