Pictures: Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

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I spent one week in Klagenfurt am Wörthersee. We rode the bike around Wörthersee (the local lake; 42km roundtrip) and visited the inner city. Here are some pictures:


Maria Wörth from the east

Maria Wörth from the east

Maria Wörth: main church

Maria Wörth main church

Maria Wörth: glass painting

Maria Wörth minor church glass painting

Pörtschach: Ernst Wahliß memorial

Ernst Wahliß (1837–1900; porcelain merchant)

Ernst Wahliß memorial

Wörthersee ships: Loretto and Lorelei

Wörthersee ships: Loretto and Lorelei

Klagenfurt: Wörthersee-Manderl (bronze, 1962)

Wörthersee-Manderl bronze from 1962

Klagenfurt: City theatre

Klagenfurt city theatre

Klagenfurt: Play-themed Graffiti next to city theater

Graffiti next to Klagenfurt city theater

Klagenfurt: Herkules attacking Lindwurm

Herkules attacking Lindwurm Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt: Lindwurm (landmark)

Klagenfurt Lindwurm


It was a nice visit to Klagenfurt.

The recent presence of e-scooters for rental around the city is remarkable. You can rent some scooter wherever you find one via the TIER app. You can stop wherever you want. Employees with trucks collect them and bring them to exposed tourist points.