typho log: week #4

✍️ → Written on 2022-02-03 in 245 words. Part of cs software-development digital-typesetting


In week 4, I continued my efforts on project typho. A summary.

Goals and achievements

  • I advanced my requirements analysis. To be published soon.

  • I initialized slides for talks I want to give on typesetting-related topics.

  • I wrote the bibparser crate.

    • My roommate had the issue that biblatex crate tries to pseudo-interpret the content of field values. However, some paper have filenames like … the isotropy action on $.pdf. Apparently, the filename was cut off after the math inline context started. This triggers an undelimited-math error in the biblatex crate.

    • I do not follow the idea that content of such files shall interpreted (in general). I wrote a crate which considers .bib as a pure data serialization format.

    • It was a neat exercise for writing parsers. However, I neither found a proper specification for bib files (biblatex and bibtex documentations are the best match) nor systematically considered all escaping cases. As a result, I still published it with major release number 0.


Once again, not really productive. But I need to get PQC stuff done forever, organize GLT properly, and limit my time to find a new job. Time management is hard.