japan22 trip

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I have been in Japan to visit my girlfriend. That is now almost 2 months ago. I wanted to share some photos of the trip.

wishes at a shrine
booths of a shopping market
Peace art objects in the Nagasaki atomic bomb museum
Urakami cathedrale
fruits as dinner in Japan
Nagasaki at night
construction site at the Nagasaki train station
christian cross in Japan
Nagasaki street
Nagasaki shopping mile
tramway in Nagasaki
mixed-style room at Alegria Gardens Amakusa Hotel
Alegria Gardens beach
dolphins watching in Shimoshima Kyushu
Sakitsu church
dinner at Alegria Gardens Amakusa Hotel
four-direction crosses
symmetric flower
passenger ferries
tramway in Kumamoto
shop in Japan
grass trimming at Kumamoto castle ground
Kato Kiyomasa statue
three actors at the samura session
Kumamoto castle from the fronst
printing machine
letter types
types on the ground due to an earthquake
sunset in Kumamoto
tetris packing strategy for our suitcases
shopping shelf
Bakery snack for our lunch
fabric shop in Kumamoto
Kimono fabric in a shop
deeds from a shrine in Seiwa
Takachiho gorge
Takachiho waterfall and boats
Takachiho shrine
Shinto dance inside the Takachiho shrine
matcha tea ceremony
Tsujun bridge while diverting water
Bunraku theater ceiling
Seiwa from top
hill near Mount Aso summits
frog between the grass
upwards view towards Eboshidake
mountains of the Mount Aso region
museum of the Mount Aso region
sunset at Mount Aso
nighttime restaurant lights
toast bread with dash and spring onions
a small house near Seiwa
police cars from Japan
Kois near Usuki
Usuki stone buddhas
Usuki stone buddhas
tetris with our suitcases
hotel room at Beppuwan
sea at Beppu at night
dinner room at Beppuwan hotel
erupting geysir at Tatsumaki Jigoku
rot hot spring Chinoike Jigoku
muddy hot springs Jigoku Meguri
blue hot springs Umi Jigoku
bananas growing near the hot springs in a greenhouse
mud at Kamado Jigoku
crocodiles at Oniyama Jigoku
mural painting for hell’s tour
shrine houses of Usa
ferry from Kitakyushu to Yokosuka
chimney of the ferry
night view on Kitakyushu coast
front view of the ferry
dinner at the ferry
dock in Yokosuka
Austrian Airlines plane from NRT to VIE
on-flight map of the route


After many bureaucratic obstacles, I somehow made it to Japan. Going to Japan is not cheap, but to see my girlfriend in the environment she lived for many months was worth it. We sweated every day because of the heat, but had some daily sightseeing program for those two weeks in place.