Data visualization cheatsheets

✍️ Written on 2020-10-19 in 187 words.
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With this post, I just want to promote the 'Cheat Sheets for Visualization Techniques' project.

The Cheatsheets


This paper introduces the concept of ‘cheat sheets’ for data visualization techniques, a set of concise graphical explanations and textual annotations inspired by infographics, data comics, and cheat sheets in other domains. Cheat sheets aim to address the increasing need for accessible material that supports a wide audience in understanding data visualization techniques, their use, their fallacies and so forth.

My review

Nice paper. First, it looks like there is no necessity to write a paper about cheatsheets, but the authors attributed appropriate contextualization and also presented usability study results. In the end, it is still all about the cheat sheets and they themselves are well-designed and nice (though I am in favor of exhaustiveness; thus e.g. I would like to see alternative terminology included).

The website is beautiful, btw: