The articles, I write as result of my activities. Computer science, programming, mathematics, typesetting and Aikidō are common themes. You can subscribe to these articles via Atom (use to subscribe to a specific tag TAG).

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PQC illustrations in public domain projectcsIT-securitypqcrypto
Saluton languagesEsperanto
Differences in the NTRU ref and pqm4 implementations csIT-securitypqcrypto
Intel's RDTSC instruction with rust's RFC-2873 asm! macro cssoftware-developmentprogramming-languagesrustlang
Rust performance results converting slice into array csIT-securitypqcryptorustlang
Movie review: Tehran Taboo reflectionAustriamedia
Neo2 issues on xubuntu digital-typesettingUnicode
Duolingo: Tips for Diamond League languagesreflection
Running Inkscape 0.92 extensions with python3 cssoftware-developmentLinux
Pandoc's data model cssoftware-developmentdigital-typesetting
Unicode issue: different encodings for diacritics [withdrawn] digital-typesettingUnicode
The Problem with ‘The Problem with Unicode’ cssoftware-developmentdigital-typesettingwriting-systemsUnicode
On the distributivity of arithmetic and boolean operations in 2ⁿ csIT-Securitypqcrypto
Pictures: Klagenfurt am Wörthersee lifeAustriamedia
Pictures: BRG Viktring lifeAustriamedia
Transposing bits csIT-securitypqcryptosoftware-development
Movie review: Quo Vadis, Aida? media
Movie review: System Crasher media
mod3 of NTRU's reference implementation csIT-securitypqcryptosoftware-development
Deriving algorithms for computing modulo constant n csIT-securitypqcryptosoftware-development
The current state of compile-time evaluations in rust cssoftware-developmentprogramming-languagesrustlang
entr – run arbitrary commands when files change cssoftware-developmentLinux
Esperanto resources languagesEsperanto
Bert Hubert's blog entries on PowerDNS' history reflectioncssoftware-development
Esperanto's table of correlatives languagesEsperantoEnglishGerman
#rC3 talk notes continued csIT-security
‘A Philosophy of Software Design’ commentary cssoftware-development
Markup language language servers cssoftware-development
My smartphone's power button broke down lifecs
Vivado installation gets stuck at ‘Generating installed device list’ cssoftware-developmentusability
More #rC3 talk notes csIT-security
Software architecture rules and effects cssoftware-development
Are languages logical? languages
A Raspberry Pi Sense HAT firework with Lua cssoftware-development
#rC3 my Day Four csIT-security
#rC3 my Day Three csIT-security
Movie: Der Trafikant reflection
#rC3 my Day Two csIT-security
#rC3 my Day One csIT-security
Introduction to Go concurrency with goroutines and channels programming-languagesgolang
‘PDF/A considered harmful for digital preservation’ considered harmful digital-typesettingpdf
Conferences during Covid19 glt
Array, slices and references - rust notes software-developmentprogramming-languagesrustlang
Division by constant in assembly csIT-securitypqcrypto
Inception media
Data visualization cheatsheets cs
Difference of arithmetic and logical shifts (illustrated in rust) cssoftware-developmentprogramming-languagesrustlang
Introduction to rust and its memory safety workcssoftware-developmentprogramming-languagesrustlang
A review of UNIX shells cssoftware-developmentLinux
Drawing pixels on a Raspberry Pi Sense HAT with Lua cssoftware-development
Too much crypto csIT-securitypqcrypto
I step back as organizer of PyGraz cssoftware-developmentcommunity
Definition: ring-LWE csIT-securitypqcrypto
The Fujisaki-Okamoto transform csIT-securitypqcrypto
Definition: Ideal lattices csIT-securitypqcrypto
Movie review: “Big Fish” (2003) media
Contact tracing and the MIT Safepaths project csIT-securityprivacy
Degree sequence equality iff graph isomorphism? mathdiscrete-mathematics
My experience report with i3wm cssoftware-developmentLinuxusability
Leibniz formula for determinants is zero if any two columns are equal mathlinear-algebra
Beauty of mathematics math
‚Die beste aller Welten‘ von Lisa Eckart languagesGerman
Reflections on my rhetorics cssoftware-developmentcommunityreflection
Cultural differences in preparing an Enbu lifeAustriasportsAikidōreflection
Austrian Power Grid data lifeAustria